Your donation could allow children like Mac to have the freedom of a regular kid.

When 3-year-old Mac Jenkins’ parents were in the process of his adoption, they were informed he had a rare blood disorder called Thalassemia that ultimately destroys red blood cells.

Thalassemia is treated with lifelong blood transfusions and supplements. Without those blood transfusions, the life expectancy of a patient with the disorder is 17 years of age.

“The blood that is donated keeps him alive,” Mac’s mother said. “Without that, he would not live past his early 20’s, and that would probably be pushing it.”

Although a bone marrow transplant could potentially cure Mac’s blood disorder, there is a small chance the surgery could take his life – a risk the Jenkins’ family is not ready to take.

“The blood transfusion enables him to be just like the other kids. There’s nothing limiting him as long as he gets these transfusions,” she said.